Meet Jessica Alcid, Holy Trinity’s new Music Director! Jessica is currently serving as Music Minister of St. Alban’s Episcopal Church in Oakland, NJ. Her first Sunday with Holy Trinity will be April 23. Learn more about Jessica in the forthcoming Easter issue of The Trumpet, Holy Trinity’s newsletter.

We have been through some difficult days but our spirits have to be strong as we look to the future. I have hope that the choir will grow and flourish and I have to ask again – are there any of you willing to step up to the plate and join us?

We have a good core group but we need others so that we can learn and perform more exciting and 4 part (or at least 3 part) anthems and songs.

I have a simple request: Come to rehearsals when you can and plan to sing on Sundays. That’s a simple request. We rehearse well into the future and you will know what we are singing even if you miss a Thursday.

And then there are the children and youth! There should be no reason why we cannot have a children’s choir. These choirs (including the Youth) are the future choirs and we need to encourage the learning experience. Can we?

We have a new Interim Rector and this is a great time to look at things again and grow the music program. Will you get involved? Will you involve the children and youth?

There are many rewards that we all receive when involved in music. I recently heard a quote and cannot remember the source – but it is this – “Singing IS being.” Ask anyone in the choir how much enjoyment and sharing comes from being together and singing together.

Please – consider joining us in whatever way you in which you are able. Can we raise our numbers to 12 or ever 14?

“Those who sing, pray twice”
Join us?
Richard Thomas Biernacki, BSG
Organist and Choir Director