Where Can You Sense God?


By Martin Spielman

It’s a complicated world. Things happen at a fast pace and not all of them are good. But sometimes you can find peace, faith, strength or whatever word you may use by taking time to notice the little things.

It was a tough day, in the middle of a long week. I watched a bird pecking at kernels of spilled popcorn in a parking lot and I felt the presence of God. I thought of the Bible passage “Consider the ravens…” (Luke 12:24) and a cool breath of air fragrant with lilacs floated through my truck.

Nature offers some of the more obvious signs of God. In the way that trees try to grow in a war zone. In a pair of deer contentedly munching clover by the roadside. New plants in the garden

Take a second. “Smell the roses.” Where can you sense God?