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Is it really September already? The summer seemed to fly by with a blink of an eye! Now we are one week into our school year! As always a very busy time here at Calico Cat. We said good-bye to many five year olds that joined us for our summer camp program and now they go onto to Kindergarten!

This year we have again made some classroom changes to accommodate the current needs of enrollment of the different age groups. Our need for classroom space for four year olds has grown to using two large classrooms! So now the room that was previously used 60% classroom 40% office and storage is being 100% utilized as a classroom. This will accommodate twenty children. Currently there are fifteen enrolled. Our older four year old classroom has fourteen children enrolled. The two year old class that was previously using that half space is now in the smaller classroom with eight children. In our three year old classroom we have thirteen children enrolled. These numbers are certainly not the final fall 2013 numbers as I continue to get inquiry calls, take parents on tours and register their children. My assumption is, by the time this article goes to print our enrollment will be increased. Currently we have fifty children coming through our doors, with a maximum occupancy allowed of sixty-two, this brings us to 81% capacity.

We have a strong staff once again this year, Lead teachers Miss Nicole, Miss Maricela, Miss Amelia and Miss Ilona all returning for their fourth year. We are now starting to see the younger siblings starting in our program, following in the footsteps of their older siblings that have since graduated from Calico Cat!

As the economy changes and the needs of the community stabilize, Calico Cat will in turn respond in the most cost effective way, keeping in mind our commitment to quality child care and the reputation we have built with much pride and success.

Looking forward to sharing updates with you soon!

God’s Peace,

Dominique Kaczmarek

Calico Cat Director