Holy Trinity Parishioners Joe Rodriguez and Alicia Picone will be tying the knot this Saturday, December 13th …that’s right, 12-13-14!

They would be honored if anyone wishing to join the celebration come to Holy Trinity at 3:00 pm on Saturday to witness our new Rector, Father Gregory Bezilla perform the Wedding.

While Joe is a relative newcomer to Holy Trinity, he is an active Parishioner and a Vestry Member.

Alicia has been a member of Holy Trinity for over 20 years, has served on the Vestry a number of times and runs the EYC programs and teaches Sunday School.

Please join us in congratulating Joe and Alicia as they embark on their lives together as Husband and Wife.


I have noticed that some people seem to interpret the bible in very peculiar ways. There is even a Congressman who said we do not have to worry about the environment because neither of the phrases, “global warning” or “climate change” is in the Bible.

I find that to be rather limited thinking. I suggest he look up Noah. Remember those 40 days and 40 nights? In fact I can still remember my wife, Cherie, reading the story of Noah to our kids at bedtime. “Build a big boat, Noah!” Oh, for simpler times.

Some people seem to think that the Bible gives them free reign to hate others based upon a reading of Leviticus and its admonitions against “Abominations.” I prefer the words of the New Testament, “A new commandment I give unto you, that ye love one another; even as I have loved you, that ye also love one another. (JOHN 13:34)

I tend to prefer the New Testament in general because it has more of a forward looking view. In the Old Testament there is almost constant bloodshed and a daily struggle to stay alive. Times were tough in the Old Testament! The New Testament gives a sort of evolutionary step forward as Jesus, and later the apostles, lead people in a more positive direction.

I would say we should look at things in our current world in a similar manner. In the past we knew hard times and now we have a fresh start. But let’s not forget the lessons we have learned in the past, nor plunge forward as if we had blinders on.

Perhaps each night we could review what we have done during the day and prayerfully consider if and how we could do better. If we‘ve been less than kind we could go forward trying to make amends and if we’ve done well then by all means think of ways to continue on in that direction.

In general though let’s agree that since we already know plenty of ways to harm each other,”…in thought, word, and deed…”1 that we should look for ways to make life better for each other. Just look at our new thrift shop, Calico Threads, and consider how so few can do so much to help so many. What else can we do to improve ourselves and others? Let’s think about it tonight and see what wonderful things we can do tomorrow!

Martin Spielman


By Martin Spielman

It’s a complicated world. Things happen at a fast pace and not all of them are good. But sometimes you can find peace, faith, strength or whatever word you may use by taking time to notice the little things.

It was a tough day, in the middle of a long week. I watched a bird pecking at kernels of spilled popcorn in a parking lot and I felt the presence of God. I thought of the Bible passage “Consider the ravens…” (Luke 12:24) and a cool breath of air fragrant with lilacs floated through my truck.

Nature offers some of the more obvious signs of God. In the way that trees try to grow in a war zone. In a pair of deer contentedly munching clover by the roadside. New plants in the garden

Take a second. “Smell the roses.” Where can you sense God?