Holy Trinity, through the Diocese of New Jersey will host a Mandatory sexual misconduct training workshop on November 10, 2012 here in the parish hall from 9:00 am – 3:00 pm.

Attendance is required for all clergy, wardens and vestry, church employees, teachers, youth leaders, lay ministers or anyone regularly working with or around children or young through the church.

Please save the date.

More details to follow.

Welcome to Calico Cat’s 4th new school year as a full day Learning Center!

It is hard to believe how far we have come and how much we have grown in such a short period of time. We have gone through many growth challenges and have learned over the last 4 years how to tailor our school to the needs of our community, the requirements of the state and the ever changing dynamics that our children bring to our environment.

We had a successful summer camp program this summer, so successful that I can say with certainly that the program will be offered again next year.

Our forecasted income for each month in 2012 thus far has been reached including the summer months. Opening up the program for “drop–in” care proved to be a lucrative decision, as we had many children just joining us for field trip days and sporadic visits throughout the summer.

This added enrollment cushioned our 30 regular full time summer campers.

As we prepared for the fall we restructured the classroom usage.

Without a Kindergarten Program this year due to South River offering a full time program we had an extra classroom.

Our layout is as follows: our two year old classroom has been expanded to now hold a total of 10 children instead of only 7. This is the old library.

The remaining third of that space is used now for office space where we store supplies, my desk and computer and the webcam equipment and all files.

Our 3 year old room holds 21 children. Our four year old classroom holds 20 children.

We have an additional 10 children enrolled in the 4 year old age group and those children now occupy the old kindergarten room.

So yes, we are filled to capacity! This has been achieved without a single open house over the summer, and without a single dollar spent on back to school advertising!


Supporting South River Food Bank & Holy Trinity Youth Group


A magical, musical tribute to the music of The Beatles!



Doors open: 6:00PM – Concert: 7PM – – – 90 Leonardine Ave, South River, NJ

ADMISSION: $10 Adults / $8 Students / Children Under 6 Free!

Information/Advance Ticket Sales: 732-254-1734 or 908-510-6789


We are still collecting beverages for the Food Bank. Donations of coffee, tea, hot chocolate juice, soda, etc., would be greatly appreciated, as we are beginning the rest of the warm letter! Donations can be left in the bin at the back of the church.

On being an Episcopalian…

The following is one insight on why so many adults have chosen the Episcopal Church. You might like to share it with one who is a searcher and could find a home in the Episcopal Church. Worship that brings you in, instead of putting you on the sidelines. A theology that demands our intelligence rather than ignoring it. A willingness not only to tolerate but to celebrate differences. A heritage that takes the Bible very seriously but is not bound by literalism. A strong sense of community in which our consensus is in Christ, not to conformity of opinion. A devotion to the Biblical Sacraments instituted by Jesus which evoke awe and mystery instead of factual explanation. A sense of ministry that is rightfully the obligation and privilege of every baptized person. An insistence upon morality (what is good and loving) and an avoidance of moralism (salvation by code and not by Christ). The heritage of Apostolic faith in the gospel of Jesus Christ and in the Apostolic order given to the Church by Him.

~The Rev Canon James R. McLean

Retired Canon Missioner

Diocese of Arkansas


Stand, sit, kneel, stand, kneel:

it’s quite a good workout for

a Sunday morning.

~Sarah Goodyear and Ed Weissman

We are excited to continue to provide Scrip as a fundraising opportunity at Holy Trinity in 2012. Late last year, we introduced the Pathmark eScrip program. This program offers Pathmark shoppers the opportunity to help Holy Trinity earn money simply by registering your Pathmark Advantage Club card and choosing Holy Trinity as your preferred organization. You can register your card at the Scrip table after church on Sundays.

Contributions are as follows:

1% Monthly Purchases between $0-$300
2% Monthly Purchases between $301-$600
3% Monthly Purchases over $600

If your monthly purchases totaled $650.00 your donation earned would be $10.50
$300 x 1% + $300 x 2% + $50 x 3% = $10.50

For 2012, we are making additional changes in the Scrip program:

  • In an effort to increase earnings by reducing cost, we will change our Scrip Sale schedule from weekly to bi-weekly. Scrip Sale will take place on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month. Arrangements can be made to pick-up orders from Marian Cohen in the office during the in-between weeks.
  • La Tavola Cucina Ristorante gift certificates available for purchase with 20% contribution going to Holy Trinity. This restaurant is located in 700 Old Bridge Turnpike South River, NJ 08882. The owners Jill Sullivan and her husband Steve is the sister of our very own Rob and Julie Rafano. Gift certificates available starting with $25 denominations.

As always, we are open to suggestions.


Scrip Committee:  Andrea P, Barbara J, Ellen M, Marshelette P, Opal S, Pam W, Sandy R, Susan K, and Irene W

Thanks to all who made donations to the South River Food Bank in February. March is soup and crackers month. If possible, please bring soup and crackers to church this month. Of course, all non-perishable food donations are always welcome. Holy Trinity volunteers staff the Food Bank the first Saturday of every month from 9:45am – 12pm. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Jennie Racek at jcracek@msn.com or             732-698-0243      . Thank you!

South River Food Bank APRIL Volunteer Schedule

The following people are scheduled to volunteer on Saturday, April 7th, from 9:45am – 12:00pm. If you are unable to work, please contact Jennie Racek ASAP so a replacement volunteer can be scheduled. Thank you.

JoAnn Devlin, Royce Flippin, Alexa Hornchak, Louise Hyland, Jennie Racek, Pam Weis

South River Food Bank MAY Volunteer Schedule
The following people are scheduled to volunteer on Saturday, May 5th, from 9:45am – 12:00pm. If you are unable to work, please contact Jennie Racek ASAP so a replacement volunteer can be scheduled. Thank you.

Gwen Kolbeck, Martha Phillips, Julie Rafano, Patti & Ruben Scolavino

Volunteers are a specialized commodity available to almost all church hierarchies. The number of volunteers, though and what they can accomplish varies enormously.

I once worked for a junior warden who was considered near legendary because of what his committees and sub-committees could accomplish. Need a steeple replaced or a historical cemetery refurbished? This was the man to go to. And then there was another Vestryperson, in charge of the fellowship and hospitality committee who watched her entire group disintegrate as if it were a sugar cube under a stream of warm water.

The main difference between these two leaders, who were both good and honorable people, was their ability to communicate. Within that skill of communication is also the knowledge of how much and what type of communication a volunteer needs. Some volunteers need very little direction. A bare bones outline may be enough for some volunteers. Other volunteers need a lot more hands on guidance and supervision, because although their willingness may be there the ability is not all it needs to be. A lesser skilled volunteer may need a constant stream of information and encouragement.

It is important to explain to volunteers what overall goal the group is trying to reach. I have had to re-transplant several trees while helping out at Holy Trinity because I did not share the same vision as the architect of the plan in question. Did I fail to ask something? Was my leader assuming too much? The situation ended well enough, but the failure to have a meeting of the minds brought a point about communicating home. Of course there is also the issue of attitude. Some volunteers just need a bit more of a kid glove approach to their handling. Some volunteers are used to being ridden hard and put up wet.

In the end personality will determine a lot of how best to handle people, but remember to open the gates of communication. Your level of communication and the volunteers will vary, as will factors of the goal. Don’t expect to be all things to all people and vice versa. Handling volunteers can be a tricky business, but one very necessary to move certain mountains.

Martin Spielman