Jen and Jada Scali, two of our active EYC members, are also members of the Old Bridge High School Marching Knights!

This year, the band has been selected to represent the entire East Coast during the 71st annual D-Day Anniversary in Normandy France.

These kids go for it in every note – that is how they got noticed by American Veterans who chose Old Bridge High School’s Marching Knights to represent the entire East Coast during the 71st D-Day anniversary in France.

“We’ve been hearing about D-Day and Normandy since we were little, and to go and see it, it’s an experience to have,” says junior Tara O’Dowd.

“It’s an honor because we’ve been so many places like Giants Stadium and DC, and everyone is so proud of us,” freshman Ryan Powell adds….

Source: ABC News – click here to read more

As members of our EYC, Jen and Jada always go the extra mile to participate in EYC activities.

We know they will do us proud as they go to Normandy to represent not only Old Bridge High School, but Holy Trinity too!

To visit the Old Bridge High School Marching Knights website, CLICK HERE.

If you have children between the ages of 7th-12th grades, they are welcome and invited to join EYC at Holy Trinity.

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