Calico Cat News

It is hard to believe that the school year is actually coming to an end. It feels like yesterday when we were having our Halloween Parade, decorating our Calico Cat Christmas Tree and Making Valentine’s Day cards. It has been a busy year. We now look forward to our graduation ceremony on June 18th for all of our children graduating Kindergarten and all of our children completing preschool and going to Kindergarten in the fall. We expect no less than 150 guests at this event if you would like to share in the festivities, join us at 4pm.

Summer Camp will be starting right away, Calico Cat never sleeps as we go from our fall program and jump right into Summer Fun! Some of our field trip destinations include the movies, and the Turtleback Zoo. Have you been there in the last 7 years? I recommend you plan a visit it has been transformed, expanded, cleaned up and not to mention the wonderful animals! Jenkinson’s Aquarium where we visit and learn about the sea life, tour the boardwalk, enjoy a few kiddie rides and some delicious Jersey shore pizza! This year for the first time we are going to the Middlesex County Fair! If you are interested in joining us to chaperone please don’t hesitate to give me a call, we would love to have you with us!

Happily, I can report that Calico Cat has reached the forecasted monthly income budget each month this year to date. The summer income will be the determining factor on whether or not we will offer a summer camp program next year. I am optimistic; however I have implemented a reduction in staff and also a mandatory 4 day only work week for our full time employees. The summer season is also the preferred time for vacations; this generates additional payroll expenses with a smaller enrollment base. Not a concern, however there should be an awareness of some increased expenses that we will have to endure without the maximum enrollment income that we have realized since September. I don’t have hard numbers, as believe it or not summer enrollment is still coming in this week!

We have experienced minimal turnover at Calico Cat. With five of our full time teachers completing their third year with us, the atmosphere and the energy is quite positive! There has been so much positive feedback from the parents, referrals for next year’s enrollment from word of mouth, I cannot help but feel strongly that our presence here in South River as a full time preschool/childcare facility is solid!

This fall South River Public Schools will offer a full time Kindergarten. With that program being available in town it eliminates the need for our full day Kindergarten program. We will be utilizing all the classrooms for any over flow of age groups we have. I will report in September the break down and class sizes. As of right now, I know we will have two three year old classrooms.

It has been a year with change all around us. I believe that Calico Cat has remained strong and consistent, providing the quality of care that each of us counts on and feels proud to represent.

As always I thank you for the privilege to put my expertise, my passion and my heart into your school.

God’s Peace,

Dominique Kaczmarek