Holy Trinity, through the Diocese of New Jersey will host a Mandatory sexual misconduct training workshop on November 10, 2012 here in the parish hall from 9:00 am – 3:00 pm.

Attendance is required for all clergy, wardens and vestry, church employees, teachers, youth leaders, lay ministers or anyone regularly working with or around children or young through the church.

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More details to follow.

Welcome to Calico Cat’s 4th new school year as a full day Learning Center!

It is hard to believe how far we have come and how much we have grown in such a short period of time. We have gone through many growth challenges and have learned over the last 4 years how to tailor our school to the needs of our community, the requirements of the state and the ever changing dynamics that our children bring to our environment.

We had a successful summer camp program this summer, so successful that I can say with certainly that the program will be offered again next year.

Our forecasted income for each month in 2012 thus far has been reached including the summer months. Opening up the program for “drop–in” care proved to be a lucrative decision, as we had many children just joining us for field trip days and sporadic visits throughout the summer.

This added enrollment cushioned our 30 regular full time summer campers.

As we prepared for the fall we restructured the classroom usage.

Without a Kindergarten Program this year due to South River offering a full time program we had an extra classroom.

Our layout is as follows: our two year old classroom has been expanded to now hold a total of 10 children instead of only 7. This is the old library.

The remaining third of that space is used now for office space where we store supplies, my desk and computer and the webcam equipment and all files.

Our 3 year old room holds 21 children. Our four year old classroom holds 20 children.

We have an additional 10 children enrolled in the 4 year old age group and those children now occupy the old kindergarten room.

So yes, we are filled to capacity! This has been achieved without a single open house over the summer, and without a single dollar spent on back to school advertising!