An Easy Way to Help Holy Trinity!

Holy Trinity is now a participant in the Amazon Affiliate Program.

Now, when you shop for Christmas (or anytime of the year for anything at all), you can help Holy Trinity by simply clicking on the link below.

That’s right, it’s easy.  Just click on the link first then shop as usual.  Holy Trinity will receive a small commission for all your purchases.

If you follow Holy Trinity’s link before you shop on, we receive a percentage back in advertising revenue of between 4% and 7.5% and the more clicks and purchases we receive, the greater this percentage.

Please note that you are not charged any additional fees by shopping using this link.

Just remember to click the button above before EVERY Amazon shopping session because the session only lasts 24 hours.

How’s that for an easy way to help Holy Trinity.  You click, you shop, we benefit!