12thNightJester_300pxA Brief and Informative Tour of Twelfth Night Festival 2016, in Which Is Revealed Unto Curious Minds the Mysteries and Marvels of this Most Special Night of Merriment to Mark the End of the Christmas Holidays.

At 5 p.m. on Saturday, January 9, 2016, we will enter the “Twelfth Realm.” We begin in the Church with an Evensong service in a Sixteenth-Century style that will be reminiscent of the time of Queen Elizabeth I and William Shakespeare. At the end of Evensong, a Court Jester (a local knave skilled at tomfoolery) will appear and read the Proclamation inviting the honorable assembly to enter into the Great Hall for an evening of fun for all ages.

Upon entering, each person will choose their festival name: Lady Thisorthat or Lord Thusandsuch, any highfaluting name you like, for this is the Twelfth Realm! You may display your family name on a banner (crafty people will help you this task), and said banners with their heraldry will festoon the Great Hall.

Also available will be royal headgear Lords, Ladies, Lads & Lasses in the fashion of the time. To start the feasting there will be a variety of snacks, accompanied by a glittering glass of sparkling cider. And there will be games and entertainments for kids and adults.

When it’s time to begin the feast, the Court Jester will unveil the Groaning Board of Delicacies and Savories of the time—you will leave this table well sated by the copious servings of gourmet delights! Next are the four Twelfth Night Cakes: one each for Women, Men, Boys, and Girls. In each cake will he found a coin of the Realm – and the person in each category who finds that Coin will be ushered to the Crown Room to prepare for Coronation by his Most Gracious Eminence the Bishop of the Twelfth Realm and All-South River. Who will be King, Queen, Prince and Princess of the Twelfth Realm?

Joy and wonder—a space away from the daily cares and seasonal stress—an opportunity to be with friends old and new—a time to be shared by young and old! You will want to carve this date in stone: the Festival of Twelfth Night is January 8, 2016, 5-10 p.m.

Entrance into the Chapel of the Twelfth Realm is by ticket, and the same validated ticket will admit you to the Great Hall for the feasting and festivities to follow.

Tickets are $15 for Adults; $10 for seniors and children age 5-12; free for children under age 5; with maximum price per family of $40. Tickets can be purchased in advance through the church office by phoning 732-254-1734, and will be available at the door.

All are welcome!  Please join us for this very special evening of fun and festivities for all ages.

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